My Vision As Your County Councilman                                        


"I Larry Abraham will be your voice for Dillon County Council District 2" 


I want to say a few words about what I have done over the past twelve years as your Chief Deputy.  Sheriff Major Hulon became sheriff in January 2009, at a time when Dillon County was at its lowest.  There were drug dealers on every block, prostitutes on corner and corrupt police officers within the sheriff department, and clubs on every block staying open all night, making noise disturbing our senior citizens to include on Sundays.  No businesses wanted to locate in Dillon because of the crime rate and corrupted law enforcement in the county.  Under the directions of Sheriff Major Hulon  I, as Chief Deputy took the lead in cleaning up Dillon County Sheriff department and making the county safe for the residents.  Under the guidance of the sheriff, I am proud of the work I did in trying to take care of the citizens of Dillon County.  Lake View asked for help cleaning up the crime on the Hill Top, and I was glad to assist them in making it a safe place for our children and seniors.  I see great things for District 2, but the right person must be on council to get it done.  It is time for us to elect qualified individuals to do the job for the citizens.  I Don't wont you to support  me just because you like me, support me because you know I can and will do the job for you and the citizens.  This is not just pertaining to Larry  Abraham but any person you give your support and vote to represent you.  I need your support because I know that I can get the job done. You may not know that many business came to Dillon County over the past 12 years because of the outstanding job Major Hulon did as your sheriff.  I have enjoyed working as Chief Deputy under Sheriff Hulon, and because of the work he allowed me to do as his chief deputy has made Dillon a safer place for our citizens to live.  Dillon County Citizens have asked me why would I leave a good paying job at the sheriff's department and run for county council.  I tell them it is not about the money it is about using the skills I attained over the many years in the military and local government for the betterment of the citizens of Dillon County.


                         Dillon County Council District 2                      


    Larry Abraham Announces Candidacy For Dillon County Council District 2.

    Lake View is my home and I am proud to be a resident of this community. I, Larry Abraham take great pride in announcing my candidacy for Dillon County Council District 2. I have a long history with Dillon County.  I was born and reared in Lake View and after graduating high school I entered the Military (US Army) and retired after 24 years.

   In 1996 I was selected as the county’s first jail administer and served until March 2001. In 2002 I worked with the city of Florence Police Department as a Patrol Officer. In 2009 I came back to Dillon County as a deputy at the sheriff’s department. In July 2009 I was appointed as Chief Deputy by Sheriff Major Hulon and currently servicing in that position.

    I was educated in Dillon County and received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Criminal Justice at Mountain State University, West Virginia. I am running for Dillon County Council to give our community a strong voice in the direction this county moves.  I have traveled all over the world and worked with many different groups of people. I see a need for strong leaders to be able to work together to achieve the goal of taking care of citizens.  
   I just want to mention a few of the things I will do as your councilman. I will listen to your concerns as a citizen of District 2, and make sure we stand strong within the county.  I will work closely with the city of Lake View and the surrounding communities to ensure all of our citizens are taken care of. I know how to work with others at all levels to accomplish our common goals.
   I think my record speaks for itself, I believe when I work for the people, it is for the people not some special interest group or individual, for their individual benefit.  
   Everything I do as your councilman will be with your interest at heart.  I asked that you vote on June 9, 2020 to elect Larry Abraham for Dillon County Council Seat 2.

   I plan to have meeting quarterly or at a minimum semi-annually with all citizens of District 2.

   I Larry Abraham will be your voice and will always stand tall as your representative as Dillon County Councilman District 2.  I will make every council meeting unless there is an extreme emergency that will not allow me to attend.  I will not just be another person on council, I will make a deference for the better for District 2.

  You can reach me by e-mail at and please check this web site on a regular basis I will keep you informed as much as possible. 


Larry Abraham Biography

Larry K. Abraham is a life time resident of Lake View, South Carolina and is married to Ruby L. Abraham, they have three children.  He retired from the military after serving over twenty four years at the highest enlisted rank of sergeant major.  He returned to Dillon County after retiring and being eagle to help the young residence of Dillon County, he founded the organization Committee of Concerned Citizens in 1995.  This organization is still very active today in helping citizens of Dillon County.  This organization is responsible for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI) for the fourth circuit solicitor in Dillon County.  In 1996 he was selected as Dillon County first jail administrator and served as the jail administrator until March 2001.  He worked with Florence City Police Department as a Patrol Officer from 2002 to 2008.  He joined the Dillon County Sheriff Department in January 2009 and was selected as Chief Deputy by Sheriff Major Hulon in July 2009.  He was called into the ministry in 1998.  He was the pastor at Riverdale Baptist Church for seven years.  He has a Bachelor Degree in criminal justice from Mountain State University, WV.  He is the assistant Pastor at Popular Creek Baptist Church in Lake View South Carolina.